At the First Sight

Anyone around could see the smile on his face, the special demeanor, that smile revealing his coy nature and the apparent reason for it. He was walking beside a beautiful girl, minutes before he had saw her. After all, she herself had asked for help. He had a reason to be happy.

The thought of her company excited him, all the while he thought a lot, spoke less. She had a lot to talk about, he would only nod, or just say yes, true, agreed, hmm… One or two words were put up as against her continuous gabble. She was too innocent to notice it on the very first meeting. She carried a typical girlish charm, authentic and well natured. He loved her blatant demeanor, pure, without concealment.

Both of them had no clue, she kept talking he tried to focus. He missed the point she was making busy gazing upon her pretty face. Her arms would move in tandem when she talked, as if synchronized.  

It was all so beautiful, he thought. In his thoughts he described meeting her like a first drop of rain on a dry piece of land, like a first piece of food ending a long fast, like a taste of success after toiling hard. She pointed towards the football field and asked something that broke his metaphoric description. He  answered and they moved ahead, walking. 


Love at first sight– It happens. Everyone would have fallen at-least once for someone in a lifetime. 

To quote Kevin Hogan, from the book The Science of Influence — “Have you ever heard of love at first sight? Two sales were made before two people ever spoke. Both people decided that they wanted what they saw, heard, smelled, and felt inside. Sales are made and broken every day in the same manner. “

PS— Fiction it is

Yours Truly 



About shafiquegajdhar

Apart from many other things the writer is an engineer, an MBA and works in SaaS industry. Enjoys Hollywood flicks, plays badminton, loves to ride bikes, firmly believes in logic & has keen desire to learn new things. Currently lives in Mumbai, has roots in Madhya Pradesh & derives values from Islam.
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