I Kept Moving

Two incidents in the same day had me turn, change sides in bed trying to sleep. All day long, I kept moving amidst chaos, meetings, appointments, commitments & every God Damn thing. Until I came to a halt when I was in bed, about to sleep which eluded me. I chased, ran after it. Could not get hold of it, pondered with a childlike guilt about the two events. Regret is the dessert you are served after having done with the main course of mistake. You are not to leave without having savored regret. It is the terminating stage, like dessert its impact is lasting. Yeah! that was my dessert, regret.

Incident One– Got down the local in haste to reach the office of a client in time. Brisk walking the platform, mistakenly I hit a blind man coming from opposite direction. Immediately I cried ‘sorry’, twice. It was a slight touch on arm which had shaken his cane. I turned back to confirm he wasn’t astray. He wasn’t. I kept moving.

Incident Two– The channel partner (of the company that I work for) and myself had to part ways, it was 5:30 PM, light drizzle was on. We were already drenched partly, Mumbai rains spare no Umbrella user, at times Umbrellas are ineffective. Standing under the tarpaulin of the Tea/ Vada Pav shop we shook hands, au revoir. The very same moment a poor child patted my calf,  gesturing that I buy something from the shop for him to eat. I moved ahead, ignoring the request. I had to catch the local before rush hour began. I am not miser, I was pacing up to save time. I kept moving.

If you come across me, chances are you would find me a fairly just human being. But when I come across myself, at times when in my own company, in solitude, during a hallow dark night; I count my mistakes and feel pathetic about them. I guess that’s what being a human being entails.

PS- Next day, deprived of sleep I was late for office. Instead of bus had to board an auto. Shelled out extra than regular. Should have bought that poor kid something to eat.

Yours Truly



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Random Scribbles

dear fate_yours Truly Determination_ Shafique Gajdhar Blogger_ WordPress she left_with no reason_ he did not ask_Shafique Gajdhar_wordpress_blogger_ She_sitting_eyes_Love Does not interest me anymore_Shafique Gajdhar_Wordpress_ Blogger


Yours Truly

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Atheist Vs Theist

Ever since I joined this group named Atheist Vs Theist on Facebook I have witnessed bizarre questions, irreverent answers and what not. I joined hoping to get different perspective, healthy flow of ideas, sharing of thoughts. But I found that even after being liberal I could not express my views on religion without being ridiculed through unsavory replies of my atheist audience. To post was to invite sarcasm, witty comparisons which would end up in – get the hell out of here, I don’t want to see you here, such a moron, douche-bag. There is a limit to invite it as such and then ignore it altogether.

Point is: there can always be a person who thinks exactly opposite to what you think or believe. He might have reasonably valid assertions for them and there is nothing you could do about changing his viewpoint. Only thing you could do is to accept, acknowledge and respect; let go. After all everybody has a right to believe, have faith in whatever one finds suitable.

Actually, when it comes to religion it might be fictitious, irrational, superstitious to some but the matters of faith should be best left unquestioned. There are certain things above reason, where logic does not prevail. Faith or religious belief stand above, over the limits of reason.

So, in order to safeguard my own sentiments, leave alone others, now I have become inactive on the group. Just occasionally reading posts and comments for they come in my news feed. Sometimes I am drawn to comment but I let it go, for it will invite constant notifications when people comment.

PS- While writing the above piece I drew this comparison with the happenings in the movie Robinson Crusoe, where the Master (as called by the Native Islander) played by Pierce Brosnan, tries to convert Friday (the Native Islander) to Christianity. He finds it disgusting Friday worship crocodiles, so he offers him but that results in a rift between them.

 Yours Truly


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Then I Thanked God

In search of a good restaurant out of many in vicinity I looked for an appropriate source of information. Walking on the side of road I took quick steps to walk beside an adolescent boy. I asked him, he looked at me with the corner of his eyes and with a smile on his face indicated using his hands that he can neither hear nor speak.

That smile on his face with the enormity of bearing such a misfortune was inspiring. I got goosebumps and was touched to the core of my heart, it was sublime. I gave him a pat on the back as he walked ahead of me. Clueless of where to go, I stopped, stood, stared for a while. Pondered over what I had just experienced. Then chose a random restaurant giving in to time constraint and a day long fasting stomach.

God has given everyone the fair share of troubles and challenges in life. The first thing I did before having dinner at a nearby restaurant was to thank God for the gifts we have that we take for granted. Be great-full in life, there is a Sufi saying—

“When I aspire to wear shoes, I saw a man who had no feet. And then I thanked God”

Yours Truly

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That Crazy Thing

And there was a time when I was stupid enough to believe that love is enough. Love is all you need to live. I was absurd. For I was in love and I was mad. To be crazy in love and day dreaming. Having no concerns for future, just living the moment with the one. That is what first love does. It encourages irrational behavior.

For I was once in love and I was crazy.

I have seen eyes I will never forget. Those eyes meant what words could never explain. For I have seen through those eyes what was in heart. I was made promises I wish were kept. Promises were the blood to the veins of our relationship. Any rational mind won’t believe in such promises but I did. For I was madly in love.

For what is to love someone and lose. I know how it hurts. Never does it fade away. A glimpse of something crudely related takes me for a ride down the memory lane.

What is to meet your love for that last time you did not know will be last. Vivid in memory it still plays like a scene from a favorite movie. Over and over again.

Time never will heal these wounds because these are entrenched in my memory. I won’t let it, I don’t want to forget. It is that crazy thing. It is a pain which I am used to, I don’t want it gone. Its a part of my being. It is that crazy thing called first love.

Now that it’s over, I am glad that it happened but sore that it isn’t that way anymore.


Yours Truly 

PS- Inspired by a story of a very close friend.


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At the First Sight

Anyone around could see the smile on his face, the special demeanor, that smile revealing his coy nature and the apparent reason for it. He was walking beside a beautiful girl, minutes before he had saw her. After all, she herself had asked for help. He had a reason to be happy.

The thought of her company excited him, all the while he thought a lot, spoke less. She had a lot to talk about, he would only nod, or just say yes, true, agreed, hmm… One or two words were put up as against her continuous gabble. She was too innocent to notice it on the very first meeting. She carried a typical girlish charm, authentic and well natured. He loved her blatant demeanor, pure, without concealment.

Both of them had no clue, she kept talking he tried to focus. He missed the point she was making busy gazing upon her pretty face. Her arms would move in tandem when she talked, as if synchronized.  

It was all so beautiful, he thought. In his thoughts he described meeting her like a first drop of rain on a dry piece of land, like a first piece of food ending a long fast, like a taste of success after toiling hard. She pointed towards the football field and asked something that broke his metaphoric description. He  answered and they moved ahead, walking. 


Love at first sight– It happens. Everyone would have fallen at-least once for someone in a lifetime. 

To quote Kevin Hogan, from the book The Science of Influence — “Have you ever heard of love at first sight? Two sales were made before two people ever spoke. Both people decided that they wanted what they saw, heard, smelled, and felt inside. Sales are made and broken every day in the same manner. “

PS— Fiction it is

Yours Truly 


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May our plans for life do not take backseat in times of adversity

He was a faculty in my UG alma mater . I also took tuitions from him thrice during the eight semester engineering and in term breaks we played badminton together.

fight physical adversity- Shafique-gajdhar-blogger-wordpress-brain

About 2 years back, fate played its trick, misfortune struck its blow and this faculty whom I called BHAIYA was diagnosed of brain tumor. A series of operations have rendered him not so active. His skull is now distorted, has lost its natural form. I would not describe it further. Although when I met him, I didn’t feel pity. I acknowledge the pain his loved ones have gone through taking all the sympathies from anybody and everybody. It is challenging, nobody plans for such events but we have to deal with it anyways.

During our small meet he talked in the same manner he used to, his demeanor had changed but not his attitude. Some things are inherent we never can change enough to change them. He told he had resumed teaching again for a three month period beginning last January. The ordeal ended with him getting diagnosed with some disease followed by one month hospitalization. After such operations the immune system becomes vulnerable.

Life is anything but fair. Take what it gives you with a smile and return its favor with courage. That is the only good we can do. In him I saw an example.

The only thing I said to myself when I put foot outside the door of his house was “May our plans for life do not take backseat even in times of adversity”. For that moment, I appreciated the heroics of his and his family. Respect!

Yours Truly 

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Creative Deficit


While I was in Delhi I stayed in a PG, a serviced guest house. My room-mate there was a movie buff. An interesting fellow. He had incredibly good memory, has got immense knowledge about finance, politics, history, & philosophy. We have had exciting discussions on various issues. From serious subjects to just adding on various different perspectives to the obvious ones.

On a Saturday afternoon, we were watching some Bollywood movie, a remake of a south Indian super-hit. I said “Creative Deficit— It is commonplace in India to see ‘me too’ ad films, movies with same story lines, Hindi Channel showing dubbed Tamil Movies. We copied Hollywood movies, now we have fallen to new lows of remaking Bollywood old ones or even South Indian movies.”

He carried the argument further, adding on points referring to the kind of learning which most of Hollywood movies/TV shows impart on viewers (don’t get me wrong), apart from the expected entertainment.

There surely is lack of original content, we have become copycats. New ideas have not been created, we do not try to reinvent the wheel, leave alone to modify it. Thinking of trying something unconventional is not appreciated by the conventional lot. A tried and tested path is preferred, and the creative lot succumbs to the naivety & mediocrity of others.

Defining Creative Deficit— It may be defined as the difference between what we borrow from outside & what we give the world in terms of innovation, new ideas (by a person/country etc.)  

Apart from the fiscal & current account deficit our country is also facing acute creative deficit. Be it adverts, cinema, soap opera I see lack of new things and hence the CD.



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It’s Unto YOU

Recently passed out of MBA, I have been witness to 6 excruciating months of placement season. Pre placement talks, application forms, group discussions, personal interviews, rejections and selections. Again and again. Post selection late night parties and post rejection consolations. It’s a test of patience, perseverance and is a learning curve.

Nobody likes unwarranted advice, I don’t usually shower any, but only when I am asked for one. While chatting on Facebook, a first year student of my Alma Mater asked me about his choice of profile in summer internship. And its impact on final placements. I replied saying “you and you yourself matter for the final placements”. Having a good internship profile, grades, achievements add to a person’s candidature, no doubt. Possessing all these will certainly have some impact but if candidate himself is unworthy then things on paper won’t help.

I remember the words of my professor,

“if there is anything between you and your selection, you and your promotion, then it’s you.”

Been through UG and PG I testify to these words.

Yours Truly 


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Prime Minister Aspirants—Lok Sabha Elections 2014


narendra-modi-arvind-kejriwal-rahul-gandhi-caricature- ShafiqueGajdhar Blogger WordPress

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi the Prime Minister aspirant of India, the largest Democracy in the world is running a bandwagon. Let’s just analyse the candidate in NaMo for the job of PM. Isn’t it the process generally followed, first examine something and based on results, decide on its worthiness.

This guy leaves interviews, does not interact with media. Even though every Indian has the right to question him. His strategy is to deliver a monologue and run away from queries. He does not contest questions, nor he has the guts to face them; he lies, manipulates and speaks to gain favour.

He is clearly a one ambitious man who cannot bring people together. Too much ambition is paralysing, it makes individual interest side-line collective interests. Even BJP’s senior leaders have resented his way of working. L.K. Advani has been outright in showing displeasure. At present, BJP’s cadre and major leaders have accepted Modi as the poster boy because they have no alternative. They see in him a promising candidate, owing to overly hyped and extremely magnified development in Gujarat, excessively covered by media. Gujarat has always had benefit of the west coast. I need not quote the poor standing of Gujarat in Human Development Index. There might be superficial development but Modi partisans will also concede that development is not inclusive. The gap between rich and poor has widened, also Gujarat has the highest per-capita Debts.


Arvind Kejriwal

Stayed in power for 49 days, as Chief Minister of Delhi, youngest ever in India. Slept on footpath as a Chief Minister, fighting for Women Safety. Began as an anti-corruption crusader, started a political party, got fantastic response in Delhi election. Talks of putting journalists in Jail, when brought to power. He is also the guy who stole primetime news limelight from Narendra Modi.

His party has no direction, is incompetent. Tries to bring corruption free governance on the table but ends up dragging inefficiency along.

On the positive side, AAP has provided an alternative, different from the regular substitutes BJP and Congress. AK also has shown substance, and strength of facing interviews. This boldness has benefitted him in winning trust from people. But he promises a moon and will possibly end up delivering an eclipse. I aren’t a naysayer but it’s likely.

This Aam Aadmi is so accessible that anybody can reach him at arms length and attempt a slap. Watch the video here.

Rahul Gandhi

A reluctant politician, puts gruelling efforts in rallying, promotions but has dismal performance, and a pathetic report card. Has campaigned in UP assembly elections, but could not be of any help. Failures is all he has to showcase. His political resume is not strong, and is a soft target for opposition. Is also not a prolific speaker. Does not connect to the audience. His interview with Arnab Goswami on Times Now was gloomy and excruciatingly painful to listen. Generally, he speaks political rhetoric and does not talk to the point. He is currently facing tough competition from Kumar Vishwas, Smriti Irani in Amethi.

It is difficult to find anything positive about Rahul. His party leaders shy away to admit of having a weak person at the helm of affairs.

The above written piece is a critical evaluation of the possible PM choices we have. The views are personal and are not exhaustive. Of course there is a positive side to the above critical aspect.


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